Two Hashd al-Shaabi forces killed, 5 injured in ISIS attacks

Two members of the Iraqi Popular Mobilization forces (Hashd al-Shaabi) were killed and five others wounded in the ISIS terrorist attack to the city of Diyala in eastern Iraq.

Lieutenant Habib al-Shamri of the Iraqi police told the Turkey official Anadolu Agency that the headquarters of the al-Hashd al-Shaabi forces was targeted on Sunday by ISIS terrorist group.

Meanwhile, according to Kurdish based website Rudaw, late on Friday, ISIS remnants attacked Kurdish security forces (Asayesh) in Diyala province’s Kolajo sub-district, killing a commander and two of its members.

After initial mortar shelling on the village, the men were attacked while investigating the source of the mortar fire. Four other members and three civilians were injured.

Located in Kifri, south of Kirkuk, Kolajo has been attacked by ISIS sleeper cells multiple times. It is regarded as a disputed area between both Erbil and Baghdad.

The disputed territories have become a hotspot for ISIS activity amid a security vacuum.

In June 2014, the ISIS terrorist organization seized parts of Iraqi territory in a rapid attack to the northern important city of Mosul and surrounding provinces but finally in December 2017, Iraqi forces had largely removed the territories held by ISIS terrorist.


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