Kata’ib Hezbollah: Israel’s planes were regularly violating Iraqi airspace

A Kata’ib Hezbollah spokesman said on Tuesday that the Zionist Regime of Israel’s planes were regularly violating Iraqi airspace.

In an interview with Al-Mayadin on Tuesday, Jafar al-Husseini said that American planes also fly daily and continuously in the Iraqi sky.

He said that information about the violation of Iraqi airspace by Israeli planes was in the possession of Iraqi Hezbollah books.

The official added that in the past, at least the Iraqi government had been informed of the flights, but now the country’s airspace is being violated without notice. In January and March 2019, US warplanes repeatedly attacked al-Hashdal al-Shaabi forces under false pretenses, violating Iraqi airspace and invading Iraqi territory.

The US forces assassinated Lt. Gen. Qasem Soleimani and Abu Mahdi al-Muhadis along with 8 of their companions near Baghdad Airport on January 3, 2020.


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