Iraq to resume partial trade with Iran: Omar al-Waeli

Head of Iraq’s Border Crossing Authority, Omar al-Waeli said on Monday that the country’s Prime Minister Mustafa al-Kazemi had agreed to resume partial trade in the Mandali and Shalamcheh border markets.

Omar al-Waeli added: “According to this decision, 250 shipments from Iran will enter Iraq for two days a week through the Shalamcheh border in Basra and Mandali border in Diyala province.”

He stressed that preventive measures regarding the Coronavirus should be followed in Health Ministries of the two provinces to ensure the safety of workers and incoming goods on the border and that they are not infected by a novel Coronavirus.

Head of Iraq’s Border Crossing Authority said: “Only the exchange of goods is allowed and the entry of passengers into the border crossings for any reason is prevented.”

In early June, the Iraqi government agreed to reopen the Zarbatiyeh (Mehran) border crossing for import goods from the Islamic Republic of Iran for two days a week, and now there is a trade exchange at this exit.

In mid-March, the Iraqi Border Crossing Authority closed border crossings with Iran and its neighbors to prevent the Coronavirus outbreak.


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