Iraq: US high military and political delegation visited Qandil mountain

On 2 August, a high-level US military and political delegation traveled to the Qandil Mountain in northern Iraq to meet with leaders of the PKK terrorist group.

This is the first time that an official American convoy visits Qandil mountains. It is while PKK has been under Turkish severe attacks in the last few months.

PKK is in terrorist list by many countries including USA, but Americans shows that to achieve their goals they are not ashamed of even collaborating with terrorist groups.

A prominent example is US supporting terrorist group PKK in Syria and rebranding it as SDF whose leader is a former PKK terrorist.General Raymond Thomas, commander of US Special Operations Command (SOCOM) in an interview in 2017 explains how they knowingly whitewashed the US-designated terrorist group PKK in order to arm and support them in Syria

Simultaneity of this visit and terrorist groups activity increase at the western border of Iran is another important point not to be overlooked.


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