Iraqi Lawmaker: US Plotting to Disintegrate Iraq through Arming Tribal Forces

A senior Iraqi parliamentarian warned in a statement released on Saturday that Washington is seeking to divide and disintegrate Iraq into smaller parts by arming the Arab country’s tribes.

“By forming a Sunni army, the US is pursuing to disintegrate Iraq and divide the country into several smaller countries in a bid to keep them in constant conflict over borders and resources and these conflicts might even last for several generations and this is the price of the US arms aids to the tribes,” Iraqi lawmaker Alia Nassif said in her statement.

She underlined the US will receive the price of anything that it does for others, and said, “The Iraqi nation and the branches of government should ask themselves about the price of arming the Iraqi tribes by the US because the US is not a charity foundation to set up a military establishment in the Middle Eastern countries and equip them with cash and weapons outside the supervision of the army without receiving something in return.”

Nassif called on the Iraqi government to scrutinize the tribal delegations’ visit to Washington and study different aspects of the US arms supply to the Iraqi tribes in order to prevent dangerous repercussions in future.

According to a Pentagon document prepared for Congress, the US plans to buy arms for Sunni tribesmen in Iraq, including AK-47s, rocket-propelled grenades and mortar rounds.

The plan to spend $24.1 million represents a small fraction of the larger, $1.6 billion spending request to congress focusing on training and arming Iraqi and Kurdish forces.

The Pentagon document also detailed $1.24 billion to be spent on Iraqi forces and $354.8 million on Kurdish troops.


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