Sex Slave Held by ISIL Forced to Give Blood to Wounded Terrorists

A pregnant teenager who was captured by ISIL militants has revealed how girls are being forced to give blood transfusions to keep their attackers alive.

Hamshe – who is understood to be the first Yazidi slave to reveal her identity – has told of how sickening ISIL terrorists have been using the blood of captured women and children for wounded fighters in the battlefield.
The 19-year-old, who also has a baby with her husband who is believed to have been murdered by militants, was held captive for 28 days before she escaped.

She said: ‘When each of them took a Yazidi girl, one of them took me to his house and locked me inside a room and told me ‘I will not give you food or water if you refuse to marry me’.
‘They forced the Yazidi girls to donate blood to ISIL wounded fighters. Which God allows these acts?’ she continued.
A spokesman for Amnesty has said: ‘Despite worldwide condemnation, the ISIL has shown no intention of putting an end to the war crimes and crimes against humanity which its fighters have been committing on a large scale, including against the Iraqi women and girls they have abducted and continue to hold captive.


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