Bombs Kill 44 and Injured 77 Civilians in Baghdad

At least 44 civilians were killed and injured 77 on Friday morning when two bombs exploded in central Baghdad, security sources said.

An initial blast in the Bab al-Sharqi district was followed by a car bomb, the sources said. At least 30 people were also wounded in the attack.
The area is home to a large market and lies across the Tigris river from the Green Zone, which houses most government buildings.
At least 21 people were killed on Thursday in bombings at five separate locations, including MIshahada, and a shooting on the outskirts of Baghdad.
Today Security forces have foiled an attack of the ISIS terrorist group on the Qasr Hotel in Iraq’s Kirkuk province, ANADOLU Agency reports.
Security forces captured two suicide bombers before they could detonate their explosives at a hotel in Iraq’s Kirkuk province Friday, officials said.
However, there was a third bomber involved in the attack on the Qasr Hotel, who succeeded in exploding his vest, but apart from killing himself, he did not cause any civilian casualties.
The ISIS terrorist group killed a senior Kurdish commander and five other fighters on Friday in a major attack in Iraq’s Kirkuk province.


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