ISIS destroyed Sunni villages, killed people, says al-Amiri

On Tuesday, Secretary-General of the Badr organization, MP Hadi al-Amiri announced, that the terrorist organization ISIS does not represent the Sunnis of Iraq, indicating that the organization has destroyed Sunni villages, killed their people and devastated their agricultural orchards, while pointing out that the return of displaced people to their home is a national and legitimate mission.

Chairman of the Committee in the Council of Diyala province, Sadiq al-Husseini said in an interview for,”The Secretary-General of the Badr organization MP Hadi al-Amiri met with officials from the province to discuss the security file details and developments, after areas of the province had been liberated.”

Al-Husseini quoted al-Amiri as saying, “ISIS does not represent the Sunni component; it destroyed villages, killed people, and devastated agricultural orchards,” adding, “ISIS is a cancerous lesion that targets all Iraqis with no exception.”

Al-Husseini added, quoting al-Amiri, “Bringing displaced people back to their homes is a humanitarian and national mission, and we will work together to make it a success,” calling tribes to “tolerance and work to unify in order to turn the page of the painful past caused by ISIS.”


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