34 ISIL Terrorists killed in Tikrit

Iraqi troops continued their mop-up operations in the recently liberated strategic city of Tikrit on Wednesday, and managed to kill at least 34 more ISIL terrorists.

The Iraqi army made more gains in its fight against the ISIL terrorists in Qadesiyah neighborhood, North of Tikrit, and claimed the lives of more terrorists.

Also on Tuesday, the Iraqi soldiers killed more than 43 ISIL terrorists in the same area.

The Iraqi army, backed by Shiite and Sunni volunteer forces, made a final push against the ISIL terrorists in Tikrit, and managed to fully liberate the Northern city from the control of the Takfiri group on March 31.

Earlier, Iraqi Prime Minister Haidar Al-Abadi announced that his country’s forces are very near to winning back full control over Tikrit, adding that Mosul and Al-Anbar will be the next stop.

“The Iraqi troops are in the final battles for retaking control of Tikrit in Salahuddin province,” the Iraqi prime minister said.

Al-Abadi underlined that the Iraqi troops will try to regain control of Mosul and Al-Anbar in the next stage of their operations after Tikrit.


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