Iraqi militia member leaves letter to Sunni homeowner asking for forgiveness

A letter written by one of the mobilization members to the owner of the house where he was stationed in early April, where he asked for forgiveness from the landlord, who had fled, for using their house and kitchen supplies.

“For a while we stayed in your home, and God is a witness that upon the advice of the sources of emulation your houses were protected,” the letter read.

The letter adds: “In order to rectify the lawful and unlawful use of some kitchen ingredients, we have left the equivalent amount of money for that which has been used by us for you – this includes one kilogram of rice, sugar and a little salt.”

His name and phone number is also listed at the bottom of the letter, and some money was given.

The letter was dated April 4, 2015.

The highest Iraqi Shi’ite authorities and sources of emulation, such as Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani and Ayatollah Husayn al-Sadr, have called on the members of the popular mobilization forces to avoid war crimes or other despicable behaviour.


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