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‘ISIL facing growing internal divisions’

Iraq: The Takfiri ISIL terrorist group is said to be facing growing divisions among its members in Iraq amid new advances by Iraqi forces against the terrorist outfit.

According to Press TV, local sources say the Takfiri group has split into 23 smaller branches.
They say ISIL members no longer obey the orders of a single command and fight for more money and better positions.
The group is also facing resistance by the local people in the country’s northern city of Mosul due to the crimes committed by the Takfiri terrorists.

Hashem al-Kendi, an Iraqi political analyst, told Press TV “On the military level, the ISIL terrorist group is besieged from different areas in Mosul. Local people are also refusing ISIL’s orders because they have seen crimes committed by the group.”
He added “Some sources also say the group’s leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi has been injured and cannot lead the group anymore. So all of these together made the group weaker.”

Some reports also say the people of Mosul have formed resistance brigades to secretly kill the leader of the terrorist group, as they have successfully managed to target the group’s leaders and members in the past.


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