US Congress’ plan clear interference in the internal affairs of Iraq

The president of Iraq’s Sunni Council of Scholars, Shaykh Khalid Abdul-Wahhab al-Mulla has criticized the US Congress’ draft bill which urges the US government to recognize separate Kurdish and Sunni states and provide them with at least 25 percent of the USD-715-million aid money allegedly planned to be given to the Iraqi government to help it fight the ISIL terrorist group.

Shaykh al-Mulla stated that it is not surprising that the US is once again repeating [US VP Joe] Biden’s plan to divide Iraq with the baseless claim that it will aid the fight against terrorism and extremism and aid various groups in the fight against ISIL.

He added that the last Congress also planned to engage with Iraq as if it was divided into three separate countries – a Kurdish state in the north, a Shi’ite state in the south and a Sunni state in the centre.

The leader of Iraq’s Sunni Council of Scholars stressed that this worst way to interact with an independent and sovereign country, adding a country’s sovereignty and independence should be respected and protected.

Iraq’s Sunni Council of Scholars has condemned the draft, and continued their strong opposition to any plan that seeks to create division and pave the way for the country’s disintegration. They stated that this plan is considered as an open interference in Iraq’s internal affairs and in the fate of the children of this country and the people of the Middle East.

Most of Iraq’s Sunni clerics have criticized the plan and noted that this issue is not related to Iraqi nationalism in any way. They added that those who have welcomed the plan have demonstrated their true nature.

They called on supporters of this plan to be silent and said anything said in support of this plan is completely useless and is against the aspirations of most Iraqis. Speaking about dividing Iraq in order to achieve peace and stability is far from reality and logic.

At the end of the message, Iraq’s Sunni Council of Scholars said that supporters of this plan must be silenced and their plans should be prevented. “These people have been condemned to marginalization will face a curse from history, the greater Muslim community and the Iraqi nation,” they added.


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