ISIS flogs young man 30 times for wearing t-shirt

According to a local source in the province of Kirkuk, ISIS elements flogged a young man for wearing a T-shirt that had foreign phrases on it, noting that ISIS imposed wearing Afghan uniforms upon men and children.

The source said that, “This morning, ISIS flogged a young man 30 times for wearing a T-shirt that had foreign sentences in Zab District (60 km southwest of Kirkuk),” vowing to “flog whoever is found dressed in clothes with foreign marks.”

The source, who requested to remain anonymous, added that, “ISIS required men, young people and even children to wear Afghan uniforms,” ​​and threatened to “punish the violators of such instructions.”

The source continued that, “ISIS demanded women not to go out of their houses without wearing the veil,” adding that, “ISIS will deploy female police to arrest any woman who violates the instructions of the organization.”


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