Anti-Shia PhD Dissertations Written in Saudi Universities

Najaf’s Friday Prayer Imam Seyyed Sadr Al-Din Al-Qubanchi revealed that 139 anti-Shia M.A. and PhD dissertations have been written in Saudi Arabia’s universities, Al-Alam News Network reports.

According to Al-Alam News Network, Friday Prayer Imam of Najaf Seyyed Sadr Al-Din Al-Qubanchi, in the political sermon of Friday praying, announced that we must eradicate Wahabism because Wahabism is the basis of Takfiri thinking.

Writing 139 anti-Shia M.A. and PhD dissertations, such as “Sharp Sword, Beheading Kafir Shias”, in Saudi Arabia’s universities is the source of Wahabist thinking, he added.
“Who created ISIS, this the question,” Al-Qubanchi stressed.


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