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Saudi Regime is the Root of All Evil: Nour Maliki

Iraqi Vice President in an exclusive interview with ABNA reporter said: “We established “al-Hashad al-Shabbi” in the beginning of the turbulence in Iraq and we put Iran’s Basij [a paramilitary volunteer militia in Iran] as our example.”

Nouri al-Maliki, pointing out at the Axis of Resistance, said: “Media like “Al Arabiya” and “Al Jazeera” label these forces with illegitimate words. Of course it is natural for the “al-Hashad al-Shabbi” has become a nightmare for enemies of Iraq and Shiites. Their weapon is their motto of “victory or martyrdom” and there is no retreat, giving up or treachery in theiressence.”

“If there were no volunteers from people, Iraq’s army could have no progress against ISIS for the army is defiled in Mosul and Anbar despite the great expenses spent on heavy weapons. Some of the soldiers in the army have betrayed, given in or handed their weapons to the ISIS elements but none of the volunteer forces have ever given up or betrayed,” he added.

Considering the Saudi regime as the main reason of suffering for Muslims, Nouri al-Maliki said: “Today, Islamic Ummah suffers from the “Crisis of Wahhabism “. Wahhabism as a deviate ideology has dominated the mentality of the Saudi officials. Saudi Arabia is the main reason behind all the sedition in Iraq and their hostile activities has continued to plague Iraq ever since the downfall of Saddam’s regime. They are doing the same in Bahrain and Yemen. They use the heaviest weapons and jet fighters against people of Iraq.”


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