100 families return to their homes north of Muqdadiya, says District Council

The Head of Muqdadiyah District Council, Zaid al-Azzawi, announced on Monday the return of more than 100 displaced families to their villages north of the district, while pointed out that the return of the families was coordinated with Dijla Operations.

Azzawi said in a press statement that, “More than 100 displaced families have returned to their homes in the villages of Waloch, al-Jazeera and Jakiq (10 km north of Muqdadiyah), after the completion of scrutinizing their files by the security committee.”

Azzawi also added, “The return of the displaced was carried out in coordination and cooperation with the leadership of Dijla Operations as well as the local government in order to resolve the file of returning the displaced to the liberated areas.”


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