Iraqi forces retake one more village en route to liberate Mosul

Forces engaged in the liberation of Daesh’s last stronghold in the country have raised Iraq’s flag on one more village on their way to fully retake Mosul.

On Monday, Lieutenant General Abdul Amir Yarallah announced that the Iraqi army’s ninth division had fully purged the village of al-Qasr, located to the east of the Tigris River, which splits the city in two.

“We were able to breach the enemy’s defense lines and we have fully liberated al-Qasr area. A number of Daesh was killed and others fled. This was due to the good planning by the commander of Nineveh Operations Command and the courage of our fighters,” said Sadeq Rissan Muhana, the commander of 37th armored infantry brigade of the 9th armored division.

The commander of We Are Coming, Nineveh Operations noted that the anti-Daesh forces’ forthcoming goal is to fully retake the city’s eastern region.

Lieutenant Yarallah also announced that several other regions in Nineveh, where Mosul is located, have been fully liberated from the terrorists.

“Today, security forces managed to liberate the areas of Nineveh Plain, south of Mosul, completely,” he said. “Security operations are ongoing until the full liberation of the entire province.”

Iraqi Special Forces also announced the recapture of several other districts on the city’s east side.

A spokesman for the country’s elite troops noted that Masaref and Sukar districts have been cleansed of the terrorists.


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