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Abadi urges Iraq-Turkey cooperation based on ‘respect for sovereignty’

According to a statement posted on the Iraqi premier’s official website, during the phone conversation, which was initiated by Erdogan on Friday evening, the Turkish president first congratulated Abadi on Iraq’s recent victories against the Daesh Takfiri terrorist group in Mosul.

Erdogan also “expressed Turkey’s support for Iraq” and stressed respect for “the sovereignty and territorial integrity” of the Arab country, adding that Ankara would “employ all its capacity to help Iraq in its war against Daesh.”
The Turkish leader noted that Iraq’s imminent victory in the Daesh-held northern city would send a clear message to those seeking to target “the brotherly relations” between the two countries.

Describing the “unity and stability” of Iraq and Syria as “a top priority,” Erdogan also called for mutual cooperation in the fight against terrorist groups.

Abadi, for his part, stressed the importance of Iraq’s sovereignty and the immediate resolution of the Ankara-Baghdad tensions through concentrating efforts on curbing terrorism.

The Iraqi prime minister also called for constructive cooperation between the two countries “based on brotherly relations and good neighborly ties, as well as mutual respect for sovereignty and territorial integrity.”
Abadi went on to say that Baghdad is working hard to provide security and prosperity for all Iraqis by regaining full control over the country.


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