Mosul strives to revive damaged Mosul University, schools

Officials in the liberated eastern part of the Iraqi city of Mosul are having a hard time restarting the education system, as many of its finest assets have been destroyed by the Daesh terror group over the past three years.

With sporadic fighting still a common theme of daily life, education officials in east Mosul have barely reopened schools, most of which have been shut since Daesh overran the city in June 2014.

Upon their arrival, the Takfiris also closed the Mosul University and inflicted heavy damage to it, particularly when they were forced to retreat in the face of the advancing Iraqi army. Workers are currently erecting a makeshift wall around the campus to prepare it for a new life.

The university, the second largest in Iraq after the Baghdad University, used to possess one of the greatest Middle Eastern libraries. It contained a rich collection of ancient texts underscoring the origins of civilization in this region, including many records of the history of Islam. Many of the invaluable books, documents and manuscripts were burnt to ashes by terrorists as they were fleeing the area in the past few months.

The United Nations described the attack on the Mosul University as “one of the most devastating acts of destruction of library collections in human history.”


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