Iraqi Police Launch Massive Operation against Daesh in Karbala Province

The spokesman for the Iraqi police in Karbala Province announced that the forces have launched a massive operation to clean areas near the adjacent province of al-Anbar from the Daesh (ISIS or ISIL) terrorist group.

Alaa al-Ghanemi said the Iraqi police forces in Karbala mounted the military operation on Monday with all units, including ground and air forces.

He said the massive operation was launched after receiving information about a bomb planted by Daesh terrorists on the main road between Karbala and al-Anbar.

The objective of the operation is to identify target areas and strictly inspect them to ensure that Daesh terrorists are not there and stability continues in the areas, he went on to say.

It comes as Iraqi forces continue their military campaign aimed at retaking western Mosul from Daesh.


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