UN warns Daesh directly targeting civilians in Iraq’s Mosul

The United Nations has warned that Daesh terrorists are directly targeting civilians trying to flee from Iraq’s west Mosul.

On Sunday, the UN’s humanitarian relief coordinator, Lise Grande, stressed that the Takfiri terrorists were killing families as Iraqi forces entered the final stages of their operations to liberate the city.

“We know that Daesh is directly targeting families as they try to escape, we know that there are very limited stocks of food and medicines, we know that there are severe shortages of water and electricity,” she said.

“Civilians are going to be at the most extreme risk they have been during the entire campaign…All of the evidence points to the fact that the civilians who are trapped in these neighborhoods and districts are in grave danger,” she added.

Meanwhile, at least 20 Iraqi civilians were killed in airstrikes conducted by the so-called US-led coalition in the northern parts of Mosul’s Old City.


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