Hezbollah Al-Nujaba Dismisses Media Reports on Talks with Saudi-Backed Candidate

Iraq’s Harakat al-Nujaba, a popular movement known for its brave fight against the ISIL Takfiri terrorists in Iraq and Syria, rejected media reports claiming that its members have held a meeting with Saudi-backed figures in Beirut.

An Arabic-language news website had claimed that members of al-Nujaba movement and Soraya al-Khorassani have met with Wizah al-Sudaid, the head of Tajamo Izzah al-Watani and member of al-Tazamon election coalition, at a hotel in Beirut on March 6.

Al-Nujaba dismissed the claim, stressing in a statement that the movement “will not stain its hands by establishing relations with the Wahhabi and Saudi regime which is a puppet in the hands of the Zionists and will stand against tyranny and oppression in the world.”

Al-Sudaid is supported by Saudi Arabia and has voiced readiness to participate in the upcoming elections in Iraq. He currently lives in Iraq’s Salahuddin province.

The Iraqi popular forces have at different times blasted Saudi Arabia for its support for the terrorist groups, specially the ISIL.

Iraqi volunteer forces seized Saudi-supplied military hardware, ammunition and military vehicles with Saudi license plates in the Western parts of the city of Samarra in Salahuddin province in 2015.

The seizure was made by Soraya al-Salam, a subordinate of Hashd al-Shaabi forces, after fierce clashes with the Takfiri terrorists.

This was not the first time that the Iraqi forces seize Saudi-supplied weapons, equipment and vehicles from the ISIL in Al-Anbar and Salahuddin provinces.

The Iraqi army had previously seized similar military items in the Southern parts of Tikrit and al-Anbar province that had been supplied by Saudi Arabia.


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