Insurgents flexing muscle in Iraq

Iraqi-analystAn Iraqi analyst has warned of an increased violence in the country, saying armed militants are seeking “flex their muscle” by targeting civilians and pilgrims.

Adnan al-Saraj of the Iraqi National Alliance made the remarks in an interview with Al-Alam from the capital Baghdad on the eve of the Shiite mourning ceremony of Imam Moussa Kazem (peace be upon him), the seventh infallible imam of the Prophet’s Household.

Saraj said: “The mourner’s loyalty to the prophets and their peaceful procession makes the militants infuriated,” explaining the event organized by Shiite, Sunni and even Christian communities is a show of unity among Iraqis.

The Iraqi analyst also explained that the armed groups are restoring to ‘cowardly’ acts and bombings to disturb stability in the war-torn country.

On Tuesday, scores of pilgrims were killed and wounded when bombs and mortar rounds hit Imam Moussa Kazem’s shrine in northern Baghdad.

The victims were in the holy site to make a pilgrimage in the Kadhemiye district in Baghdad, police said.

The attacks took place during the same religious pilgrimage in which 1,000 people died five years ago in a stampede on a bridge as people made their way to the holy shrine.

Saraj said there are tough security measures on the ground but added the massive ceremony might cause some security problems.

However, he noted armed insurgents have adopted similar measures in the past and have failed to achieve their goals.


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