Karbala Friday Prayer leader give proposals to political parties to surmount current crisis

abdulaThe second part of the sermon of Friday’s prayer held in the Imam Hussein holy shrine, the representative of the supreme religious authority and the preacher of Friday’s prayer in Kerbala city his Eminence Shaikh Abdul Mahdy EL-Kerbalai dealt with the aggravated political crisis Iraq going through, the crisis which badly affects the political process and Iraqi people equally.

He also called the political parties for holding peaceful talks and maintaining the public interest. Also, his Eminence proposed some recommendations to recover from the current crisis hoping the political powers would operate according to the standard contents in the interest of Iraqi people such as

1. All the political blocs, legislative and executive authorities are held responsible to come out of the recently ongoing aggravated crises. This responsibility must be held in solidarity, and it’s unacceptable that a political party holds another party responsible for a certain thing.

2. All the legislated prerequisites harmonized with the constitution by all the sides must be taken into consideration and studied according to the logical fundamentals, principles of the constitution and the valid rules until fixing the civilian infrastructures of the country that are based on the constitutional organizations that respect the rights and duties.

3. Any step which might strain the situation cannot be taken, it’s needed to have some steps that settle down the status and people generally.

4. Any clash between the security forces and demonstrators is not permitted, and all the security forces should be self-restraining, never be agitated and kindly communicating.

5. One of the causes that have been leading to aggravating the status and Iraqi people is that establishing the political blocks and leaders for a lot of issues and cases that must take their constitutional and legal right of independence according to their specialization, and politicians are not permitted to interfere them. All politicians and leaders in the country need to maintain the neutralism, importance and independence of those issues and cases, and not to use them politically to obtain political gains.

Second focus of the sermon, his Eminence mentioned the death of the Prophet Mohammed (p.b.u.h) and performing pilgrimage to Imam Ali (p.b.u.h) was in order to express our deepest sympathy and to condole him (p.b.u.h) in such a grievous reminiscence. His Eminence also called the pilgrims for maintaining the holiness of the reminiscence, feeling it realistically and realizing what it really means for people, those marches and what shouts accompany them should be a great confirmation of loyalty and belonging to the Prophet Mohammed and his family (p.b.u.t), and also to be a covenant we take to following their path.

The third focus of the sermon, his Eminence also dealt with a social problem which recently became widely spread and now pausing a great threat to a major class of our people which is the motor cycles and what dangerous accidents happen and kill thousands of our young people rather than so many handicapped ones. His Eminence also called for seeking the best solutions for limiting such a dangerous phenomenon by legislating firm rules in this aspects; and practically apply the opposed safety procedures. Awareness, law and instructions obedience must be spread because they are some of the required legal and cultural needs. Parents are held responsible to pay attention and limit their young ones in order to limit such a phenomenon.


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