The continuation of excommunication doctrine is a danger for the Muslim World

syed kazimCondemning the discrimination of the Hujr ibn Adi shrine and exhumation of this companion, one of the Iraqi jurists said: “The evil nature of these excommunicators is clear to all of the Muslims”

In a statement issued by Ayatollah Sayed Kazim Haeri, one of the Iraqi jurists, the demolishing and exhumation of Hujr ibn Adi, one of the grandeur companions of the holy prophet has been harshly condemned.

He stated that the evil nature of the excommunicating groups is now obvious to the Muslims all around the world and they have no place among the Islamic nation.

“These groups are committing crimes and bloodshed of the innocent civilians of Syria and other Muslim countries by the excuse of Jihad” he added.

He then clarified that it’s crystal clear that the purpose of establishing such excommunication groups is to challenge the Islamic nation and harm the Muslim countries alongside of the evil goals of the Zionist regime.

He emphasized that the continuation of the excommunication doctrine by these extremist people is a danger for the Islamic world and we all must confront them.

Ayatollah Haeri later demanded the scholars and thinkers of the Muslim world to condemn the action of the excommunicators and inform the Muslim nations.


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