Al-Maliki: EU Decision to Arm Syrian Opposition Directly Affects Iraq’s Security

nori malikIraqi Prime Minister, Nouri al-Maliki, stressed Iraq’s concern over increasing violence, arming and tension in the region, warning against the repercussions of the EU countries’ decision to arm the Syrian opposition.
Answering the journalists’ questions via Internet on Sunday, al-Maliki pointed out that “Iraq has always supported the political solution to the crisis in Syria not the military one.”
He stressed that the decision of some European countries to provide the Syrian opposition with weapons directly affects Iraq’s security and stability as these weapon will infiltrate into Iraq due to the relations between the terrorists and extremists from Jabhat al-Nusra and al-Qaeda and others sides on the two borders’ sides.
On the latest development in Turkey and their effects on Iraq, al-Maliki said “We are careful on Turkey’s security and stability as we consider it as a fundamental part of the regional stability, therefore we are concerned over the repercussions of the security situation in there,”
The Iraqi Premier added that resorting to violence will expand its circle to affect the situation in the region as a whole, calling on the Turkish authorities for self-restraint and to abandon violence.


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