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1,000 killed in Iraq violence in September: UN

iraq bomingThe United Nations says a wave of violence in Iraq left some 1000 people dead in the month of September.

The United Nations mission in Iraq (UNAMI) said on Tuesday that 979 people, including Iraqi civilians and security forces, had been killed in September.

Another 2,133 people were reportedly injured in violence throughout September across the Arab country.

According to the report, the Iraqi capital, Baghdad, witnessed the most deadly attacks during the month, with 418 deaths.

Earlier this week, Nikolay Mladenov, the United Nations’ new envoy to Iraq issued a statement saying, “Political, religious and civil leaders as well as the security services must work together to end the bloodshed and ensure that all Iraqi citizens feel equally protected.”

According to the UN, a total of 1,057 Iraqis, including 928 civilians, were killed and another 2,326 were wounded in terrorist attacks throughout the country in July — the deadliest month since 2008.

Moreover, the UN High Commissioner for Refugees has expressed concern about the growing violence in Iraq, warning that the new spate of attacks would result in the further internal displacement of civilians.

Iraq’s Interior Ministry has said that militants have launched an open war in Iraq and they want to push the Middle Eastern country into chaos.

“The country is currently facing an open war from bloodthirsty sectarian forces that aim to plunge the country into chaos,” the Interior Ministry said in a statement issued on July 30.


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