Over 40 martyred, more than 80 injured in Iraq blasts

Untitled-1More than 40 people have been martyred and over 80 others injured in a spate of bomb attacks and a shooting across Iraq, mostly in the capital city of Baghdad, police and medical sources say.

On Monday, multiple bombs attacks — mostly car bomb explosions — left 30 people martyred and injured nearly 70 others in Baghdad.

Police say there have been at least seven explosions in eight neighborhoods, including Zafaraniyah, Alam, Obeidi, Dora, Sadiyah, Kam Sarah and al-Jadidah.

Earlier in the day, a number of other explosions and a shooting martyred more than a dozen people in several cities across Iraq including in Fallujah and Baquba. The attacks also injured more than 15 people.

On Sunday and Saturday, a series of bomb attacks claimed the lives of 105 people, including children, and wounded over one hundred others in Baghdad and the northern village of Qabak.

So far, no group has claimed responsibility for the blasts, which bear the hallmarks of al-Qaeda-linked militants in Iraq, who seek to destabilize the central government.

According to the United Nations, almost 1,000 people were killed and more than 2,000 were wounded in violence in Iraq in September, making it one of the deadliest months in recent years.

Iraq’s Interior Ministry has said that militants have launched an open war in Iraq and they want to push the Arab country into chaos.


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