Five killed in latest Iraq violence

five_killed_iraqFive people, including a Christian man and woman, have been killed and five more injured in Iraq in the latest spate of terrorist attacks to strike the country.

Armed men attacked a Christian couple on Sunday in the al-Baladiyat area of eastern Baghdad, killing the victims instantly, Aswat al-Iraq news agency quoted a security source as saying. Shiite News reported.

The gunmen managed to escape to an unknown place after the attack, he added.

Another civilian was killed and three others were injured in the western sector of the Iraqi capital when militants using silenced guns opened fire on a government vehicle in the al-Mansour neighborhood.

The car reportedly belonged to the victim’s brother, Col. Yassar Mohammed Mirhij of the oil facilities protection police, who survived the attempt with injuries.

In the northern province of Nineveh, two policemen were killed after they came under fire at a checkpoint in the western part of the provincial capital, Mosul.

Meanwhile in the west, two civilians were wounded in a landmine explosion, which targeted their truck in the district of al-Qaem in Anbar province.

The incidents come a day after around 50 people, including seven Iranian pilgrims, were killed and 160 others injured in a string of bomb attacks in Baghdad, alone.

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