Syed Sadr Urges Iraqis to Resist Occupiers with All Means

Moqtada_Al_SadrShia cleric Syed Moqtada Sadr, in his first speech since returning to his stronghold in Najaf after being three years in Iran, urged thousands of Iraqis who have turned out in the central Iraqi city of Najaf to hear him on Saturday to give the country’s new government a chance.

He urged resistance against “occupiers of Iraq” and led chants against the US. “We are still fighters,” he told the crowd, calling for people to  resist the occupiers with any means necessary. Sayyed Sadr called the US, Israel and the UK “common enemies” against Iraq.

“Yes, yes for Moqtada! Yes, yes for the leader!” the crowd shouted, waving Iraqi flags and al-Sadr’s pictures.

Last month his movement secured a deal to join the new government with seven ministries and 39 seats in parliament.

Having arrived back in the country on Wednesday, on Thursday Syed Sadr visited one of the holiest Islamic sites, the shrine of the Imam Ali (AS).

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