Iraqi Ummul Momineen admits recruiting of more then 80 female suicide bomber

iraqi_ummul_momineenIraqi insurgents call her “Ummul Momineen,” but this murderous mom helped a gang of rapists turn its victims into female suicide bombers.

Samira Ahmed Jassim has admitted being a key part of a plot hatched by Ansar Al Sunnah   terrorists to build an army of Amazons willing to blow themselves up for Allah.

In a jarring jailhouse interview with The Press , Jassim said the Al Qaeda backed group organized the rapes – then sent the “broken women” to her house in Diyala .

Jassim told The AP she was “able to persuade women to become suicide bombers” by telling them it was the only way to reclaim their honor in a conservative Sunni society where rape victims are outcasts.

Jassim said the terrorists set her up in the house, from which she sold traditional robes to women. She said they threatened to bomb it if she did not cooperate.

“I worked with [Ansar AlSunnah] for a year and a half,” she told The AP.

Jassim’s shocking story came on the same day that Iraqi officials played a chilling videotape in which she calmly described how she recruited female suicide bombers.

“She was mumbling verses of the Koran,” Jassim was heard saying of a recruit named Um Hudas. “I got her to the bank and left her there. She detonated herself at a police station in Muqadadiya ”

A dozen people died in that August 2007 attack, most of the victims young police recruits.

Clad in black and speaking slowly, Jassim recounted how she got an elderly woman she met at a bus station to commit suicide for her cause. She also described how she worked for two weeks to convince a teacher trapped in a bad marriage that suicide could be her salvation.

All told, Jassim has admitted training and dispatching 28 female suicide bombers to carry out deadly attacks, said Iraqi military spokesman Maj.Gen Qassim Al Mousawi.

A 50-year-old mother of two sons and four daughters, Jassim was arrested Jan. 21 based on evidence provided by tipsters, the Iraqis said.

While violence levels have dropped across Iraq, female suicide bomb attacks spiked at 36 last year compared with eight in 2007, the U.S Military reported.

Jassim is believed to be part of the reason for that spike, especially in the volatile Diyala Province north of Baghdad, said Moussawi.

To counter the gruesome and growing threat, the Iraqi security forces have been posting female guards at checkpoints to search woman, who can easily hide explosives belts under their billowing robes.

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