Iraq:7 Shia martyred in Basra

iraq-bomb-blastA bomb exploded by a bus in Iraq Sunday, martyred seven Shia and wounding 14 others.According to the report,A U.S. military convoy was the intended target. The bomb struck the bus instead, just seconds after the convoy passed.

The blast took place in the city of Basra, which is over 300  miles southeast of Baghdad. The bus was near a prison in the Al-Maaqal district. A second bomb exploded near another U.S. convoy in Basra Sunday. No fatalities were reported.

Basra is Iraq’s main oil-producing region.

According to Fox News, officials spoke to the press under the condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to release certain information.

All American troops must leave Iraq by Dec. 2012, under the 2008 security agreement between the U.S. and Iraq. Less than 50,000 U.S. troops are currently in Iraq.

Although not in combat, U.S. troops are almost constantly under attack in the country.


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