Installing the Dome of Al-Abbas (AS) Holy Shrine, Brother of Imam Husain (AS) in Karbala

shiite news iraq hazrat Abbas asInstalling the first structure of the iron dome within the project of expanding Al-Abbas Holy Shrine, in roofing the Holy Courtyard.According to the Shiite News correspondent.Engineering and technical staff in the in the (Hipro technologies) Malaysian company started installing the first structure of the iron Dome of the domes within the project of expanding the holy shrine of Abu Abbas by roofing the courtyard.

 The mentioned company been entrusted to do the work of making and installing the iron structures of domes within the project and under the direct supervision by the department of engineering projects in the Al-Abbas Holy Shrine.

 Representative of the company Mr. Shevl Anwar Osman spoke to (Alkafeel website) saying: “after the contract was signed with Al-Abbas Holy Shrine, and getting designs for the project from the designer company, Ard Alquds – an Iraqi company based in Karbala, out company started the first phase work that included taking all engineering measurements for the project, identifying the area and the number of the domes, and specifying the quality of the materials used in this industry of structures and domes “

 He added “The second phase of the project is the process of installing the domes structures for the project, after the arrival of most of the parts to the stores of the holy shrine. Specialist staffs in the company has initiated process of installing the steel structures, and the installation of the first iron structure was finished in one of the domes.”

 Adding, “We have been developing a program of work for the project starts from early morning until the evening for the purpose of completion as soon as possible. A specialized staff has been prepared for this purpose consists of engineers, technicians, and a number of workers with the participation of a staff from the company Ard Alquds, the authorized supervising the implementation of the project and in charge of design.”

 And Mr. Shevl assured: “We will work as much as possible to complete the project on time, which will be the gateway for us to implement a number of projects in Iraq.”

 It is worth mentioning that the project will include construction of two types of fixed domes, the first type of domes is small fourteen domes symbolize the infallible household Imams (peace be upon them), and the second type is the four large domes, will be distributed to the corners of the courtyard, the first will be for Lady Umm Albanin peace be upon her, and the other three, each one of them will be for a brother of Abu al Fadl al Abbas (peace be upon him) who died in the timeless incident of Altaf.

 Department of Engineering Projects and the Department of Engineering and technical in the Holy Shrine have carried out dozens of projects since their inception after the fall of the former regime. Many of these projects have been implemented by their Iraqi staff, and others were overseen, carried out by Iraqi cadres also manufactured by companies from outside the Holy Shrine, or other rare few projects, carried out by foreign labor.

 Secretary-General Sayyed Ahmad al-Safi declared to Alkafeel website “The various business projects and the purchase of many of the engineering, manufacturing, and scientific equipment, service and cars selection, in order to support sections of the Holy Shrine with their needs, and the convenience of visitors , all is funded by the Shi’a Bureau of the Iraqi Council of Ministers, and by 80%, while the rest – 20% – is funded by the money received from the cages of the holy shrines by visitors, and the Department of gifts and vows in the Holy Shrine, which are funded by Iraqis home and abroad, and Arabs and foreigners.”

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