Iraqi Sunni Martyr Bravely Guarding Hundreds of Shi’a Pilgrims Given Deserving Burial

shiitenews sunni shaheed motherIraqi Sunni martyred officer, guarding hundreds of Karbala pilgrims, was given a massive burial, hailed by the country’s top officials as the “Martyr of Unity”.

Lieutenant Nazhan Falih al Jabouri, Iraqi Sunni police officer was buried in Kirkuk following his effort to prevent an allegedly al Qaeda suicide bomber to

attack hundreds of Shi’a pilgrims in Dhi Qar Province, Kirkuk.

Nouri al-Maliki, Iraqi Prime Minister praised the Sunni police for his sacrificial act while top political officials participating the burial ceremony hailed his sacrifice an undeniable reason for unity among all Iraqi tribes.

Nazhan Falih al Jabouri, was martyred while he was trying to stop a suicide bomber to detonate himself among the pilgrimage going to Karbala for Arbaeen, ceremony for forty days after the martyrdom of Imam Hussein (AS), third Shia Imam and grandson of the Prophet Mohammad (PBUH).

The incident has been widely hailed among the Shia community and it is expected to boost Shia Sunni unity in a shaky Iraq following widespread Islamic extremist moves. 

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