Former Shia governor of Basra Mohammed Misbah Waili assassinated

basraFormer governor of Basra Muhammad Misbah Waili was assassinated in a terrorist attack on Friday.
Takfiri terrorists of Iraq armed with lethal weapons assassinated eminent Shia leader Waili.
Waili, who belongs to the Islamic Fadheelah (Virtue) Party, has been subjected to several assassination attempts during his tenure as governor of Basra several years ago.
His party claims to follow Ayatollah Sadiq al Sadr but the party has no affiliation to Ayatollah’s son Moqtada Sadr. The party kept changing its policies in the past. First, it rejected the U.S. interference in Iraqi politics and then it joined hands with the pro-U.S. alliance of Iyad Allawi.
Iraqi government and politicians have condemned the brutal targeted murder of Waili. Government has directed the relevant authorities to ensure immediate arrest of the terrorists involved in the murder.


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