Moqtada al-Sadr: To Stop Syria Bleeding, A Duty

shiitenews sayedsaderThe Head of the Sadr movement in Iraq Sayyed Moqtada Sadr rejected Thursday any foreign intervention to solve the Syrian crisis.

In an interview with “al-Akhbar” Lebanese newspaper, Sayyed Sadr stressed that “to stop Syria bleeding is a duty.”

“Any confrontation is useless unless against “Israel” and the United States,” he added.
In parallel, the Iraqi official confirmed that “he won’t accept any foreign intervention in Syria.”
“We dissociated ourselves from this crisis,” he stated.

On the efforts to solve the Iraqi political crisis, and the negotiations with President Jalal Talabani, Sadr informed “al-Akhbar” that “if Talabani was able to solve the crisis, he wouldn’t have refrained himself from the implementation of Arbil decisions.”

“The solution to the crisis has become impossible, especially that some view the outcome through dictatorship and decisions’ monopoly,” Sadr feared.

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