Iraq’s Karbala province keen on expansion of trade ties with Qom

iran iraqIraq’s Karbala Governor-General who is visiting the Holy City of Qom, Kamal ul-Dinn Majid al-Hor elaborated in a joint meeting with the officials and managers of the selected industrial companies and also selected exporters on his visit to Salafchagan zone.

“During my visit (to Salafchagan Special Economic Zone) I did not expect to see such progress and potentials. I call upon Qom Chamber of Commerce to help with launching branches of industrial and economic centers of the Holy City of Qom in the Holy City of Karbala,” he noted.
Majid al-Hor said that Karbala Governor-General’s Office is ready to hold an exhibition for the purpose of presenting Qom’s industrial goods with the aim of further solidarity between the two nations of Iran and Iraq and two cities of Qom and Karbala.
“At the present, 10 percent of Iraq’s economic growth is related to Karbala’s economic activities so that in 2012 Karbala’s revenues hit $100 billion and it will increase to $110 billion in 2013 that is currently on agenda of Iraqi cabinet for approval,” he added.
The Iraqi official told the businessmen and exporters of the holy city of Qom to make the optimum use from the suitable opportunity that is available for investment in Karbala.
“We guarantee land and the required security for your free activity in Karbala,” he noted.

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