Imam of Najaf Friday Prayer pays a visit to the Kufa grand mosque

saderHis eminence, Sayyid Sader Adeen Al Kubanchee , Imam of Friday prayer of Annajaf city, paid a visit to the grand mosque of kufa and it annexed holy shrines of Muslim Bin Akeel , Hani’ bin Erwa and Al Mukhtar Athiqafee ( A.S), also his eminence. Sayyid  Alkubanchee prayed at the sanctuaries of prophets and holy men, beside praying in the prayer niche of Imam Ali bin Abi Talib ( A.S).

His eminence , Sayyid Al Kubancee was escorted by the member of public relation department in a field tour who reviewed his eminency about the progressing of works in the expansion project to the courtyard of Muslim Bin Akeel ( A.S) also he talked to his eminence about the serving and security side in the grand mosque.

His eminence, Sayyid Alkubanchee hailed the distinguished offered by the secretariat for serving this holy edifice, expressing his thanks and gratitude to the employees of the secretariat for their nice receiving and good hospitality.


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