Moroccan Scholar endorses Ayatollah Sistani’s guidelines to sort out Iraqi Crisis

Hani idrisSenior Moroccan Scholar: Ayatollah Sistani’s Advice for Resolving Iraqi Crisis Reflects Islam’s True Teachings Senior Moroccan Shiite scholar, Hani Idris, said that Ayatollah Ali Sistani’s advice and guidelines for resolution of the crisis in Iraq are indications of Islam’s genuine teachings. He made the remarks during a visit to the holy city of Karbala earlier this week, adding that Iraqi Shi’ite source of emulation Ayatollah Sistani’s speech about the internal crisis in Iraq was in line with the realities and led the country out of darkness, Noon news agency reported. Elsewhere in his remarks, Mr. Idris noted that the West has been waging a propaganda and media war against Islam and Muslims and that the media has turned into a major part of the West’s anti-Islamic onslaught. His trip was part of a visit to Iraq by an international delegation. The delegation also met with Sheikh Abdul-Mahdi Karbalayi, custodian of the mausoleum of Imam Hussein (AS) and representative of Ayatollah Sistani in the city of Karbala. Ayatollah Sistani has recently gave some pieces of advice about the crisis in Iraq, stressing that it is upon all of the country’s officials and political groups to help to resolve the crisis.


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