Saudi Wahabi Mufti Calls for Killing Shia Women, Children in Iraq

haramiSaudi Wahabi preacher Sa’ad Al-Drihem has urged armed terrorists in Iraq to kill Shia women and children in Iraq to spread terror in the country.

In his latest statements that have been published on Twitter, the Wahabai sheikh regarded armed terrorist groups as “Mujahids” and urged them to kill any Shia Muslim they capture, no matter if those captured are women or children.
The situation in Kirkuk province in northern Iraq is tense and there have been bloody clashes in the area since armed groups intensified their terrorist activities.
Al-Drihem’s statements have received strong criticism even in Saudi Arabia. Referring to Al-Drihem’s recent remarks, Abdullah Bin Bukhayt wrote in Saudi paper Ukaz that terrorists have infiltrated Saudi Arabia.
Halima Muzaffar, another Saudi journalist, called for Al-Drihem to be tried and sacked from university. “This kind of thought (Al-Drihem’s) is the origin of terrorism and crimes committed in the name of religion,” she said.
This is not the first time Al-Drihem makes controversial statements. In July last year, he asserted that Muslims in Najd region of Saudi Arabia are superior to other Muslims in the world.


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