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150 people arrested in Sulaiman Bek, hours after 14 Shiite drivers killed on identity

15050 people were arrested in Sulaiman Bek sub-district in Kirkuk after 14 hours after trucks drivers were killed, a local official said.

The police said that gunmen shot dead 14 Shiites truck drivers coming from Baghdad to Kirkuk after being they saw their identity cards at a checkpoint near Sulaiman Bek town in Salahuddin province Salahuddin province (125 km north of Baghdad).

The incident took place late on Wednesday after clashes inside town between militants and troops from the army and police.

The director of Sulaiman Bek sub-district, Taleb al-Bayati said that “The army forces launched a broad security campaign after 14 truck drivers were killed”.

He added that 150 people were arrested during the operation.

It is worth mentioning that violence has worsened in Iraq widely since the beginning of the year as Qaeda-linked militants were able to free hundreds of members of the militant group during a violent attack on two prisons in Baghdad.


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