Department of Religious Affairs of Imam Hussein Shrine hold 4th Islamic Informers Conference

iraq imam hussainUnder the title of (Imam Hussein is the righteous path followed by the knowledgeable), the Department of the Religious Affairs of the Imam Hussein Holy Shrine has held the Fourth Islamic Informers Conference.

The conference has been attended by many scholars and academicians. and the Secretary-General of the Imam Hussein Holy Shrine Sheikh Abdul Mehdi EL-Kerbal’i, has delivered a speech in which he mentioned the intellectual conflict taking place among the nations, which forms a new differentiation between those who call for peace and who call for extremism.

He also mentioned that a former should always keeps pace with the developments in order to confront all types of challenges, as well as each informer should be aware of the other religions.

He added further that the Imam Hussein Holy Shrine is willing to support any conference or festivals which support and promulgate the intellect of Ahlulbait (PBUT).

Sheikh Hemza El-Fetlawi, from the Department of Religious Affairs mentioned that the purpose of holding such a conference is to enhance the knowledge and the capabilities of the informers.


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