Iraq reacts to U.S. objection to arms deal with Iran

iraqThe Chairman of the parliamentary committee on Security and Defense, Hassan Sinead said, ” Iraq has the right to purchase any weapon of any state , even from its neighbor Iran ,” pointing out that ” America has no mandate on Iraq , thus we will buy weapons from anywhere.”

He continued: ” There are internal arrangements in the Department of Defense for purchasing Iranian weapons , which do not interfere with the security agreement with the United States , so we will buy arms from Iran, with our commitment to the ban , which was approved by the United Nations and the UN Security Council .”

However a member of the security and defense committee MP of the State of Law coalition, Abbas al-Bayati csaid that “Iraq does not need to buy weapons from Iran,” denying reports of the U.S , which indicated a presence of armament contracts between Iraq and Iran .

Bayati told the Iraqi News Agency that Iraq’s weapons major and basic contracts are with the U.S. and Russia , and a lesser extent with Serbia and Romania,” adding that” Iraq has armament contracts with the U.S. side estimated at 12 billion dollars, and with the Russian side more than 4 billions of dollars.”

He added, “All the weapons used by the Iraqi army are US-made and their munitions are American and specifically American origin, therefore, the U.S. reports that pointed to the existence of contracts with Iran are baseless .”

He pointed out that “the Russian arms began up to Iraq , where we received the first portion of the helicopter Mi 35 , and other group will arrive within the next month , and also batteries ground to air and light weapons have reached to strengthen the Iraqi defenses and fight against terrorism and terrorists .”

The United States urged Iraq to clarify the press information talked about signing a contract for the purchase of weapons from Iran , which will be a violation to the international blockade on Iran .

State Department spokeswoman, Jennifer Bsaki said ” Certainly we looked at this information . If it is true , it will be great concern .”

She added , ” any transfer of weapons from Iran towards another country is a direct violation of UN Security Council Resolution No. 1747 . “

She continued: “We are trying to get additional information from the Iraqi government on this matter to be confident that the Iraqi officials well understand the border ( painted ) by international law at the level of arms trade with Iran.”


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