Warnings of Insurgency’s “Zero Hour” ahead of Iraqi Elections

iraq arrestThe head of security committee in Abi Saida in Diyala province, Awad al-Rubaie, warned of “Zero hour” scheme which armed groups are seeking to implement ahead of the elections, confirming the presence of more than 50 militants, half of them foreign nationals.Iraqi forces

He talked about the existence of an aggressive scheme being prepared by the armed groups that he called, “Zero hour”, noting that “it aims at launching armed attacks ahead of the elections or during it according to intelligence information available to us in order to prevent the people from participating.”

He added that half of the militants are from Arab countries.

On Friday morning, violent clashes broke out between security forces and gunmen affiliated with the “Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant” (ISIL) terrorist group on the banks of the Diyala River east of Abu Saida.

The head of the security committee in the region said the violent clashes erupted between the security forces, including police and army, on one hand and ISIL militants on the other hand and various weapons were used.

“The security forces are making progress and succeeded in killing many ISIL militants,” he said, adding that “the operation is still ongoing and there are measures to cordon off the area to prevent the escape of militants through the Diyala River to the other side.”


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