Ammar Al Hakim: Citizen’s Coalition has an Integrated Vision for Defeating Terrorism

iraq amarThe head of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq, described the platform of the citizen’s coalition as integrated adding that it defines solutions for the country’s crises and problems.

He explained that the coalition has made intensive efforts to formulate it in a scientific and well- studied manner, so as to make it realistic, objective and able to advance the Iraqi situation, indicating that the platform aims to build a modern, fair and powerful State that will destroy sectarianism and purify Iraq from terrorism.

He pointed out that the platform seeks to build a strong national army capable of protecting the people and citizens, an army about which enemies will have a thousand apprehensions, and to develop a security system capable of defeating terrorism, improving the performance of security men and the competence of officers and increasing the level of armament.

Sayyid Al Hakim insisted on the need to build a country for citizens not one for officials, clarifying that the platform will ensure decent housing and living for every family and restore hope to the Iraqi youth who are devoured by despair and frustration.

He considered that youngsters are the backbone of Iraq’s advancement; without them, Iraq would not be able to understand the future. He assured that the platform is integrated as it would make cities prosper and schools and hospitals modern and sound, adding that the coalition’s platform will make government officials servants for their people and will seek to unify Iraq by having the team of a homogenous, unified-vision team.

He stressed that the victory of the citizens and the country depends on the unity of the people, highlighting the need to prove to our people that we will not bargain for their right to life or their right to their country and its resources, and to prove to terrorism that Iraqis are capable of defeating it and that they will destroy sectarianism and purify their cities from it.


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