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Iraq did not sell space orbit to Israel: Telecom Min.

Former Minister of Telecommunication Torhan Al-Mufti has denied news about selling Iraq’s space orbit to Israel.

“We would like to clarify that Iraq did not give up its space orbit, on the contrary, it proved its right, and will not waive this right through communicating legally with the International Telecommunication Union ,” Al-Mufti said in a Saturday press statement.

“We will maintain this right without losing millions of dollars like some Iraqis and foreigners sought of leasing an old IS-5 satellite for $6 million annually,” he added.

Torhan further stressed that the ITU’s website points out clearly that Israel has not completed procedures with Iraq regarding launching a satellite within Iraq’s orbital position, in this case, Israel’s launching of its satellite will not be considered legal and will hold it accountable before the ITU.


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