US to Deploy THAAD Missile System in Iraq

A prominent Iraqi security expert revealed that the US intends to deploy THAAD missile systems in Ein Al-Assad airbase in al-Anbar province in Western Iraq.

Safa al-A’asam told the Arabic-language al-Ma’aloumeh news website that Ein al-Assad airbase is already equipped with Patriot missile system “to support the terrorist groups and Israel”.

He added that the US has new plans to mount THAAD missile systems at the base “to give a wide air defense cover the Zionist regime and the US bases from any missile attacks”.

Al-A’asam warned of a major crisis in Iraq, saying that it will turn into a field for armed conflicts to support Israel by Washington.

Al-Ma’aloumeh had also on Monday reported that the US army had dispatched new military equipment from Jordan to Ein al-Assad base.

A military convoy comprising weapons and state-of-the-art military hardware arrived in US-controlled Ein al-Assad Air Base in the city of Heet in al-Anbar province in Western Iraq from Jordan, a security source said.

The source also said that the US forces reinforced unprecedented security measures in all their positions in al-Anbar province concurrently with dispatching military equipment to their military base.

Relevant reports said in early April, over 10,000 US forces were stationed in two occupied bases in al-Anbar province in Western Iraq.

Al-Ma’aloumeh news website quoted the head of Badr Organization’s office in al-Anbar province as saying that the number of US forces deployed in Ein al-Assad and al-Habaniyeh bases has increased to 10,000, adding that they have been supplied with the state-of-the-art weapons and military equipment.

The official said that the two bases also host the US marines who have been transferred recently from Syria to the region, noting that 90% of the US soldiers in Iraq are combat forces and are not considered as military advisors.


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