Resistance Bloc Calls For Sustained Dialogue to Resolve Contentions at the domestic level

The Loyalty to the Resistance parliamentary bloc on Thursday highlighted the importance of a sustained dialogue to resolve all contentions on the local scene.

“Sustained dialogue at the domestic level, through various frames and forms, aims to solve contentious matters, especially among the sides partaking in the government,” the bloc said in a statement issued following its weekly meeting, held under the chairmanship of MP Mohammad Raad.

Also, the bloc extolled the efforts and meetings that resulted into the reactivation of the political life in the country and that warded off fears of chaos and instability.

Moreover, the bloc reminded all political parties of the necessity to avoid irresponsible actions that would cause the waste of public funds.

Accordingly, it maintained that it would propose the formation of a parliamentary investigation committee to look into the dossiers related to the telecom sector amid claims of corruption.

Furthermore, the bloc renewed rejection of the US interference in Lebanon’s affairs.

Regionally, Hezbollah parliamentary bloc reiterated condemnation of all Zionist assaults on the Palestinian people and sanctities, especially Al-Aqsa Mosque.

Loyalty to the Resistance bloc also stressed that it is high time to stop the US-Saudi aggression on Yemen, adding that the Army and popular committees are ready to engage in a fair settlement for the ongoing crisis.

On the Syrian developments, Hezbollah parliamentary bloc highlighted Syria’s right to control all its territories, stressing that the foreign support to the militant groups is an involvement in the terrorist schemes which targets the Arab country.


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