In case of New war Hezbollah targets deep inside Israel: Official

A senior Lebanese resistance movement official says Hezbollah will targets deep inside Israel in case the Tel Aviv regime launches a new war of aggression against Lebanon.

“The stance of Hezbollah Secretary General Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah has pushed the Zionist enemy to live in a state of extreme terror, panic and caution to an extent that it has started hiding behind dummies in its military vehicles,” Mohammad Yaghi said on Friday.

Nasrallah’s executive assistant further noted that Hezbollah’s response to any Israeli military campaign will not be limited to the border but rather deep inside the occupied territories.

“Our decision is to strike this enemy, which has launched a direct attack on us, on a normal house in (Syria’s) Aqraba and in Beirut’s southern suburbs (through a drone). This is not an idle threat, but a real action after which the enemy will learn not to commit new follies,” Yaghi said.

“We have mobilized equipment, weapons and personnel to confront the enemy, and the resistance is now much stronger than the time prior to the 2006 aggression. We will let the enemy taste the bitterness, and it will regret its deed and aggression very much. They struck deep inside and we will respond deep inside. We will have another response for their drone strike as well,” he pointed out.


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