Hassan Nasrallah is preparing military surprise for Israeli air force: Israeli Media

The Israeli media outlets tackled the latest speech made Monday by Hezbollah Secretary General Sayyed Hasan Nasrallah, considering that his eminence is preparing for a military surprise against the Israeli air force.

Ynet stressed that Hezbollah military action against the Israeli war jets will restrict the freedom of the enemy’s air force.

Evacuation of border sites represented a historical humiliation for ‘Israel’, according to Zionist analysts who added that Hezbollah managed to impose new rules of engagement.

The Israeli analysts highlighted the no-red-line policy admitted by Hezbollah, which let the resistance group target the Zionist forces along Lebanon’s border with the occupied Palestinian territories.

The Israeli media outlets also continued evaluating Hezbollah recent attack on an Israeli military vehicle in Avivim, stressing that the Army has started investigating the incident “which resulted from a mistake.”

A former consultant of PM Benjamin Netanyahu considered that the media reports about fabricating footage of rescuing injured soldiers tampers with its credibility, which prevents the settlers from taking for granted its narratives in the future.


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